Top Tech Trends that are Likely to Flourish in 2015

Debashis Roy

With technology infiltrating in all aspects of life, it is useful to get acquainted with upcoming tech trends, no matter where you stay or what you do. From students to high profile corporate executive everyone needs to use some type of gadget or resort to technological innovations every day. 2014 had been a happening year for technology buffs as a number of promising tech trends appeared on horizon. Some of these are likely to get traction in 2015 and may be embraced by the mainstream, feel the experts.

Below listed are some of the top technology trends of 2015 that will make waves across the globe:

•    Computing everywhere

With time, mobile devices used for web access and computing are getting incredibly smaller. From wafer thin ultra-portables to svelte smartphones, every gadget is getting smaller yet more functional. The proliferation of such mobile devices will make computing tasks as essential as daily chores like washing or cooking. It will increase the need of developing UI and apps to suit diverse customer needs for myriads of mobile devices. It will become necessary for technology giants to adapt to changing needs of mobile device users.

•    Smart appliances
The home appliances used by people will turn smart, predict the experts. Already, Samsung is making Smart TVs with its own OS embedded. You can use such TVS to connect to the web and download content much like computers. The digital and analogue divide will get blurred soon. The appliances like refrigerator and washing machines will have chips that make them connected with your Smartphone or mobile device.
•    3D printing

It is being predicted that 3D printers will become more mainstream and their usage will gain traction in 2015. In last couple of years, this technology has matured fast and price of such devices are falling gradually. Industrial buyers will be playing a pivotal role behind its expansion. It is yet to reach a level where average users will buy one but diverse business entities and design houses will warm up to the technology and devices.

•    Cloud computing

Cloud computing is no longer a new technology trend- as it is. Already, billions of people are using cloud storage and syncing services like iCloud and Google Drive all over the world. Now, you are able to access such cloud services and apps from mobile devices too. This trend will gain momentum in near future. The convergence of mobile apps and cloud services will spearhead data access and syncing at a greater level.

•    Technology focusing on Health and Fitness

With time, a section of gadget users are getting addicted to health and fitness apps. Both Apple and Google have plenty of health apps for their mobile platforms. The emergence of wearable bands and devices to track various aspects of health is prominent. More technology giants are hopping on this bandwagon. The health bands and wearable devices to monitor blood pressure, heart rate will be embraced by more users with time. Their integration with smartphones will offer users a new way to stay updated on various health related aspects.

•    Curved screen gadgets

This is one new trend in technology that has drawn both praises and flak from critics. LG is among the first technology giants to come up with curved screen Smartphone models. Other big players have already started manufacturing curved screen TVs and a few curved screen PCs have also hit the market. Tech pundits feel curved displays enhance durability and usability of such devices by large margin. It has the potential to become the next best thing in consumer tech.