Leveraging Online Marketing Channels When Business Is Back Post Lockdown

The global pandemic in the form of COVID-19 has created utter chaos all over the world. In the past few months, innumerable businesses have gone into infinite uncertainty and in complete state of turmoil. The world has seen recessions in the recent past, but the magnitude of the issue was not as high as it is this time. Global economy has been hard hit by this pandemic. Businesses and industries of all sizes and capabilities are facing the brunt of Coronavirus attack in some way or the other. It is very difficult to predict the future of any business after lockdown ends. Leading financial experts of the world have come up with their views and opinions regarding the fate of business after Coronavirus. And there is clear indication of the fact that businesses will have to toil hard to get back to their previous position. Once businessmen plan to reopen business after lockdown, they have to think of strategies and plans to boost the business once again. And in this regard, online marketing channels will play a major role.

In this article, we will discuss how online marketing will be effective for your business during the lockdown as well as after the lockdown period.

Online marketing is crucial for any business in any situation

During the time of COVID-19, many businesses have seen complete shutdown. Hospitality and leisure industry, travel and tourism industry etc. need special mention in this regard. With no business, surviving in the industry is practically impossible. However, even in such a situation, most businesses have tried to run their marketing and advertising campaigns so that they remain in the memory of the public. So that once there is opening of business after COVID-19, they don’t have to struggle to remind people about their products/services.

In the present situation of coronavirus, it is practically not possible to go for normal marketing and advertising as countries after countries and regions after regions go into complete lockdown. Thus, there is no other alternative than online marketing in such a grave situation. For reaching customers realistically in the times of pandemic, this is the only way. With people being confined to their homes, internet is the only way of reaching them. Unlocking business after lockdown will be comparatively easy if you have done online marketing even in the lockdown period.

Different kinds of online marketing your businesses can try

If you want to market your business online, there are many ways which you can try. However, it will depend on the kind of business as which type of online marketing will be most suitable for it. Some of the popular online marketing strategies which you can try for business after lockdown and during lockdown are as follows:

Social media marketing – Innumerable social media platforms exist on the internet now and everyone is active on one or more such platforms. Reaching out to large numbers of customers within the shortest span of time can be best done via social media marketing. You can also build your brand personality via these platforms successfully. Engaging with customers is convenient on these platforms with social media marketing. Relevant content can also be posted on these platforms for bringing in new potential customers.

Top listing in Google natural search results–Search results in a search engine are of two types – organic and paid. Search engine optimization is all about ranking high in the organic results. In the results of organic search, the web page listings which are shown match closely to the user’s query and is based on relevance. Business after COVID-19 should focus more on bettering organic ranking as the results of the same are more fruitful.

Online media articles–Nowadays, the internet and digital media channels have become the preferred mode from where people like to gather news and information. All kinds of updates are available on these channels and sites. During the COVID pandemic when people are restricted to their homes, they are glued to the internet. Businesses can develop contents for such sites or pay for advertising on these sites. Interactive online media articles or commenting on them might help in creating a great deal of buzz.

Digital media interviews – For building brand personality for any business after Coronavirus and during the crisis, it is a great idea to collaborate with well-known digital media channels, which will be appealing to the targeted customer base. Create interesting interviews as how your business will be beneficial for the customer. Businesses can also come up with solutions as how this unprecedented crisis can be fought together.

Video marketing–When we talk of online marketing, video marketing occupies an integral part in it. With video marketing, it is possible to grab the attention of the customer for a long time and also make necessary impact. Videos can be linked to various social media channels or on other areas in the internet. It has been seen that people tend to share videos more when compared to general content. Conversions and sales can be boosted to a great extent (almost 80%) with video marketing. Videos also come with excellent ROI. Also, almost 90% people watch videos on mobile and mobile video views have increased by almost 233%. Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year is what YouTube analysis shows. Laziest of people tend to get engaged via videos. Therefore video marketing is definitely a great marketing channel for any business.

It is recommended to venture through these online marketing channels during the lockdown period and leverage their benefits for your business in the best manner.