How the Google Ranking is Going to Affect Your Business in 2015?

Google is the world’s No.1 search engine and around 89% of the searches done by people across the map from different regions are on the different regional based Google domain. The exact market share of Google differs according to the regions and the use, but Google remains the market leader and with the exception in very few countries such as China and Russia.

The role of Google and the changing game

Google has turned into the market leader and has changed the way people search their result and shows the available pages that stay indexed in their library.
Google has started just not looking at the sites content but even links back to test the reliability and authenticity of the website. Grady in 2013 claimed that every company should have a website mostly because of the competition and are likely to have one and if you do not have the potential your customer is going to move away or rather you are going to miss the possible conversions.


What is so important in page 1 of Google?

As we all know that Google is the #1 search engine it is thus important for your website to be near the top of your SEO result. In 2013, Ellison stated that 95 percent of the users do not pass the first page, though they need to be there to benefit the business somehow. This definitely shows some of the possible options that you need to consider while appearing the in the first page of the Google. If you do not follow those rules, then you are surely not going to enjoy the dig in Google and will rank lowly against the keyword used.

Some reasons why Google matters to your business

Google has more to offer rather than simple basic searches they allow you to go through the Google Maps and potential customer searches for your business.The exact location of the local business or international business can be added into the Google Maps with details such as phone numbers, opening hours, links to your website and Google Adsense to attach it to your website. Even in 2013, Grady also mentioned that to earn extra revenue from traffic you can place the Google Adsense in your website to earn from small adverts placed on the website by Google.

On-page factors that is going to rule the market this year

On-page factors that is going to rule the digital market in 2015 are –

•        The shorter the domains URL is going to rank better
•        Sub-domains that you consider are slightly appear in ranks than main domains
•        Place the keyword in the title four times more important than having it in the domain URL
•        H1 tag and H2 tag and Meta tags all have a positive correlation
•        Keyword density is not important any more

Content factors need to consider for a better SEO

The following things you need to consider are –

•        You should write contents more than 1000 hundreds words as longer contents ranks better
•        Include relevant images and videos where possible
•        Do not add external links that uses a keyword that you want to rank
•        Create internal links from other pages with keyword focused anchors

Quality and contextuality of the back links plays a significant role indeed. You should diversify the anchor text and forty percent of your link should include keyword variations, e.g. Blue Appliance, Best Blue Appliance, Blue Appliances, and Appliance Review. Sites that have a well-balanced combination of do-follow or no-follow links tend to rank well.

Google ranking is the only way you can make your brand reach out to a large audience and thus it is essential to optimize the websites as per Google’s rules.